Customer Reviews

We realize that reviews are important to buyers.

After researching many different options to display reviews in our store, we were shocked at the amount of private information the apps wanted. We were uncomfortable with an app accessing your personal data, including payment information, just so that we could offer a review tab on our web page. 

Consequently, we are not adding a review app at this time. We will continue to update and display recent feedback. You may also access many other reviews at our Ebay store.

We encourage you to look at, and also leave reviews on Google, as this is a safe, private option that will not compromise your personal data. (If you don't have a Gmail account, you can read the reviews, but are unable to leave a review.)

Some may feel that this does not allow access to negative reviews, as Bitchin Retro controls what is displayed on the website. The truth is, we have not received any negative reviews. We do our best to disclose everything up front, and try to show as much detail as we can, as well as offer a zoom feature to inspect all angles. We have not had any complaints to date.

We hope to add a review feature to our store in the future, but not at the expense of our customer's privacy.