Juliana by Delizza & Elster Vintage Rhinestone Brooch, Verified

Bitchin Retro


Very collectible Juliana rhinestone brooch by Delizza & Elster with slender black navettes and filigree gold tone orbs, circa early 1960's.  Also a book piece, featured in Ann Pitman's "Juliana Jewelry Reference" pg. 68. Juliana reference #5902.

2" wide x 1 7/8" long.

We clean, inspect and return vintage treasures to their best possible condition. Decades of old makeup, dirt and dust are removed and pieces receive a light polish. This process takes many attempts and sometimes hours of work. This is in stark contrast to most sellers. Our vintage jewelry is ready to wear, and in the best possible condition we were able to provide. It is a labor of love, and we think it shows in our photos and in person.

Bitchin Retro Notes: This brooch has been thoroughly cleaned, and all gold tone areas given a light polish. This brooch is in very good vintage condition. Of note: There is a flea bite on the side of the large stone adjacent to the bezel, and a superficial scratch on the side facets of the stone. We have provided a photo with a large arrow showing it as one might see it at a distance of approximately 1 foot. The other photo is a really zoomed in shot. Zooming in does exaggerate the extent of the scratch. One of the navettes also has a flea bite at the side and towards the tip not visible without a loupe. Please see condition descriptions below.

Vintage jewelry is rarely perfect. We will do our best to note any obvious flaws, but flea bites, and small scratches are to be expected. Please view all photos with zoom to see characteristics of this listing, and note the measurements provided, as we use a telephoto lens to show as much visual detail as we can, and this may enhance size perception. We would be happy to answer any questions, or provide additional photos. 

Condition Descriptions: 

Excellent = very little to no visible wear, though minimal flea bites/scratches may be seen thru a loupe or magnification. 

Very Good = normal wear and tear typical for the age which can be seen up close, as well as flea bites/scratches seen thru a loupe.

Average = significant wear seen with and without a loupe. We will note specifics and provide photos. 

We want you to be happy with your purchase, and have provided information to highlight the features and any imperfections or vintage love on our pieces. We also share condition descriptions (and lots of pictures) so that you are aware of how we arrived at our opinion. If despite our best efforts we miss something, we will be happy to work with you. 

Give us an opportunity to make it right...because we will. 

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